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At T.J.Hale we put Benz Aggregates to the test daily and they continue to meet our production needs. They have taken CNC Machining to a new level. In addition to providing an outstanding, durable product they also provide the best customer service in the business!"

- Chris Megal, Manufacturing Engineer, T.J.Hale Co. Inc.

Those of you who are brave enough to enter the treacherous world of CNC machining would probably agree with us when we admit that we have often been taken in by smooth talking salesmen who show up at our facility with laptop, DVD and brochures in hand to show us the latest equipment and/or software that will, of course, revolutionize our CNC work. After spending a substantial amount of money, effort and time to get that new equipment and/or software implemented, reality settles in and we realize that many times the equipment and most importantly the technical support after the purchase is far less than what we had envisioned. Benz Incorporated has been a refreshing exception to the above experience. From our first conversation with Benz (about 4 years ago), they were quite patient and helpful in guiding us to make our first aggregate purchase since our knowledge of aggregates at that time was very limited. Recently, we have purchased our fourth aggregate with Benz which we now think qualifies us as a company that can truly testify to their superior products, outstanding technological knowledge and most importantly we can verify their great support after you make your purchase. If you are in the market for aggregates, you owe it to your company to visit their website or better yet, give them a call. If anyone wishes to contact us, we will be happy to verify this recommendation. Sincerely, Wayne J. Hebert President (337) 984-3096"

- Wayne Hebert, Wayne J. Hebert, Inc.

“I was out traveling recently teaching programmers how to safely run their aggregates. I must say, that although I have had a couple of issues with Benz aggregates, you have stood by your product and fixed problems promptly. The “other guys” have real quality issues from my experience. Their repair times are also lacking in the speed department. I would not hesitate to recommend Benz over that other one sold in the US by Company “X”. Feel free to have potential customers call me if you think that would help. I have used both brands extensively so I do have some real world experience with both.” Mike Mandelert Riverside Construction Services Inc. Ph 513-723-0900"

- Mike Mandelert, Riverside Construction Services Inc.

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